Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Spiderman Easter

Pey's "phase" of being obsessed with all things Spiderman is lasting a little longer than I was prepared has now spilled over from Christmas gifts (Spiderman 1), to Valentine's Day (Spiderman Tag book), to Easter (too much to name!). Her Mimi gets an especially big kick out of it...I think she sees it as some sort of payback for my Braves passion growing up. Sure I had a Braves birthday cake, t-shirt, hat, and yes, even a warm up suit, but sports appeal to both genders. I dare to say Peyton is the only three year old girls that has held a grudge for 2 months that her room is princess pink and not Spiderman red, to the point where she has to tell everyone that visits the decor is not satisfactory in her eyes. Even when we go to the nail salon, a very girly outing, she asked for Spiderman red toes and Green Goblin green fingers.

To rub it in a little more, Pey's Mimi surprised her with a Spiderman t-shirt and socks (which were a mile too big) Thursday night. Not only did she insist on sleeping in them, but Jordan thought it would be great for her to wear them to Ms. Evelyn's the next day. Never mind the fact I had a pretty pink dress picked out for their egg hunt that Pey was in full Spiderman attire...take a look....

Those of you who know my mom well will appreciate the irony that she is feeding into Peyton's obsession :)
I did manage to get her into a dress for Easter Sunday. Here are some picture from her pre-church photo shoot.

I have no idea where she gets the goofiness from! Certainly not me! :)

We had a nice Easter lunch at Mimi and Uga's with Nany and Poppa. Pey wanted another Easter egg hunt---we got a kick out of hiding random things in the eggs (rice, strawberries, cookies). As usual, dad's slightly annoying photography paid off for some really cute pics!

She even found some money!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Check out my facebook page for more pictures from our new house. Peyton loves it! She keeps asking me to show her where things are, I don't think she is used to so much space! Her favorite things to do are play the computer (uptoten, Star Fall, PBS Kids, and Playhouse Disney), and take a shower in our big walk-in...with the door open, of course! We have gotten a lot accomplished this weekend but still have a long ways to go.

Friday, February 12, 2010

We're back....

I have been having major mommy guilt for not posting on Peyton's blog! Our computer is super slow so it is a huge ordeal to upload pictures, but I just figured, what the heck- I can update without pictures! So here we go....
Today they are predicting a couple of inches of snow in the area. If this does happen, it is definintely going to add to Peyton's false sense of reality that Georgia gets a good solid snowfall on an annual basis. Last year we had over six inches and the county nearly shut down. Little does she know it is not the norm.
We are set to move into our new house next week and I am super excited!!! Although I feel it is loonng overdue, I have to remember that God's timing is perfect and he knows A LOT more than I do about what is best for me- I am just grateful a bigger place was in his plan! Peyton was a little aprehensive about the move at first- I don't think she understood that we would take her stuff there- and afterall, it didn't matter to her that there was no dishwasher, laundry room, and only one bathroom! Maybe I should take a lesson in contentment from her! Yesterday was the most excited I have seen her at the new house. We stopped by to see the carpet that they were putting in and she was running around like crazy, rolling on the carpet, and wanting to play hide and seek. Her favorite places to hide were in the shower and kitchen cabinets! She seems to have forgiven us for painting her bedroom pink and not rainbow and not buying a Spiderman comforter.
Today was a holiday for me (which turned out to be good time given the threat of snow) and so Peyton and I are enjoying a great day together. First thing this morning she listed out the things she wanted to do- play in her room, play some wii, play some computer, play in the snow, and get her toenails painted. I was glad to see that she was as excited about a day off as I was!
Hopefully I'll post some pictures soon- until then, Happy Snow Day!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Busy weekend!

We have had a busy past few days! I started off with me going back to school on Thursday, in a way I was looking forward to it (that routine thing I tend to crave), but it is always sad when I realize summer really is over. Me going back to work meant Peyton started her new "school" at Ms. Evelyn's. What a blessing! Ms. Evelyn is so kind, loving, and calm! Not to mention three friends from OPA were there with her, so they all got to start together. The $70 price cut is an added bonus, although I would much rather pay her the $160 a week that OPA required. She went in very well, especially considering she had not been in daycare since May. It's a comforting feeling to know she is loved and taken care of while I'm at work, which I have plenty of guilt about sometimes.

Saturday Peyton turned three! I cannot believe how big she is getting and I thank God for her everyday. Her big present this year was a Jeep Power Wheels. She was excited to see it, the first thing she asked was, "Where's the Ipod?" Times are changing for sure!

We had a party for all her friends at School Street Gym that morning, and they had a blast! Money well spent to let them run around and jump and play for an hour then eat cake! I got good reports from the parents of long naps that afternoon, so that is a definite success!

I was shocked that she took a nap afterwards, I thought she would be too hyped up from the party. When she woke up we headed to Nana and Granddaddy's for her family party at their pool. They have a new sunroom and newly landscaped yard. Luckily the weather cooperated and everyone had a great time! I love having family around!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swimming with friends

Yesterday Peyton got to swim twice with her buddies. The morning was spent with Megan and "Baby Hudson" as Pey calls him, in their neighborhood pool. It's pretty tough to get a picture of both of them, but here are a few attempts...

They loved splashing each other the whole time! Just laughed and laughed!
Hudson trying to figure Pey out

After a three hour afternoon nap, we went to eat and swim with the Bishops. She loves John Luke and Samuel (or John and Luke and Sammyel as she says). She spent most of her evening pool time in the baby pool, because she can swim by herself without her floaties. I forgot to bring my camera, so no pics, but it was a fun time by all.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Peyton continues to come up with her own way of getting her point across, or more frequently, getting what she wants. She is such a little sponge right now, taking in everything that she sees and hears, I don't know why I'm surprised at the things that come out of her mouth. I thought I would take a moment to list a few

meatball- perhaps the most famous to our family and friends. During those wonderful potty training days, Jordan once referred to her poop as a meatball, once is all it took. Now no matter where we are, she's quick to inform me "I've gotta make a meatball". Now it has even evolved into "I've got two meatballs in there, one is big and one is little". I have to apologize to her daycare friends because some of them have picked up on it as well! Not to mention the fact that she gets extremely grossed out at the mention of spaghetti and meatballs or meatball subs. Oops! Hoping it's just a phase!

"Here mom, here's a Diet Coke, you're cranky"- Last fall, when she was barely two, already she could pick up on my moods! We were getting ready to leave the house, and I was scrambling as usual. Peyton dug in the refridgerator, hoping to appease me, offered up a Diet Coke, I told her I didn't need a Diet Coke, she said, "Yes you do, you're cranky" I took it!

Behiney- This one covers just about everything. From "you a behiney" to "Old McDonald had a BEHINEY" to just a random "behiney" shout out when she is bored. Just like the meatball, she has no discretion on where or when this is used. I would scold her, but she doesn't mean it ugly at all, and she always accompanies it with a sly grin and look up, like she knows how cute she is.

Booty drop- The credit for this one goes to Uga. As the name implies, she stands up and booty drops wherever she may be. It started out on Uga's belly in the living room floor and has continued onto beds, floats in the pool, and trampolines. Can't wait to hear what they have to say about that one at gymnastics.

very=really- She knows that very means a lot, she's just not sure how to use it yet. Whenever she wants something now it's "I very need ______(bubbles, food, etc.) I very very do". Unfortunately, this usually ends with her getting whatever it is she just "very needs".

I'm sure I will think of more, but these are definitely her favorite and most frequenlty used. We're about to go eat at a sushi/hibachi restaraunt, let's hope there is no mention of meatballs or booty drops while we're there, if so, I guess I could just direct them to my blog for the explanation.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer of Fun

After reading several friend's facebook blogs, I decided to join in the fun. Peyton is changing so much, this should be a fun way to record and share her growth!

We began this summer with a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Their advertising during Braves games paid off, everytime she saw the octopus she would say, "I want to go there". So off we went. She had a blast, although it was a little crowded, which was to be expected for a Saturday afternoon.

She continued to take ballet at Alice Depass through June, and attended a mini-camp in July. She really loves dance, and I can tell she is getting better at listening, following directions, and even some of the basic ballet techniques as well. The picture is from earlier this year, but you can see how much she loves it!

Of course our big trip this summer was a week at Walt Disney World. I knew that she was on the border line of being "too young", so I was sure to research and plan out things that were age appropriate for her, including leaving plenty of time for naps each day. My parents went with us to help out, and Peyton had a BLAST. She loved all the characters, rode lots of rides (Dumbo, Tea Cups, Go-Karts, Carousel, Peter Pan's Flight, It's a Small World, etc.), went on the Animal Kingdom Safari twice, and got a lots of swimming in each day. All that planning (which was some what compulsive at times) paid off every day as she lit up with excitement.

She's also had playdates with many of her friends from "school". It is so exciting to see her begin to form friendships and interact with kids her age. Here she is at Peyton Dobbs' birthday party. Her mom, Kristal, and I joke, "headlock or hug?".

With less than three weeks left before school starts back, the summer has again gone by too fast. Peyton will turn 3 August 1, and as I look back, I can't believe how much she has grown, or imagine how life was before her.