Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Spiderman Easter

Pey's "phase" of being obsessed with all things Spiderman is lasting a little longer than I was prepared has now spilled over from Christmas gifts (Spiderman 1), to Valentine's Day (Spiderman Tag book), to Easter (too much to name!). Her Mimi gets an especially big kick out of it...I think she sees it as some sort of payback for my Braves passion growing up. Sure I had a Braves birthday cake, t-shirt, hat, and yes, even a warm up suit, but sports appeal to both genders. I dare to say Peyton is the only three year old girls that has held a grudge for 2 months that her room is princess pink and not Spiderman red, to the point where she has to tell everyone that visits the decor is not satisfactory in her eyes. Even when we go to the nail salon, a very girly outing, she asked for Spiderman red toes and Green Goblin green fingers.

To rub it in a little more, Pey's Mimi surprised her with a Spiderman t-shirt and socks (which were a mile too big) Thursday night. Not only did she insist on sleeping in them, but Jordan thought it would be great for her to wear them to Ms. Evelyn's the next day. Never mind the fact I had a pretty pink dress picked out for their egg hunt that Pey was in full Spiderman attire...take a look....

Those of you who know my mom well will appreciate the irony that she is feeding into Peyton's obsession :)
I did manage to get her into a dress for Easter Sunday. Here are some picture from her pre-church photo shoot.

I have no idea where she gets the goofiness from! Certainly not me! :)

We had a nice Easter lunch at Mimi and Uga's with Nany and Poppa. Pey wanted another Easter egg hunt---we got a kick out of hiding random things in the eggs (rice, strawberries, cookies). As usual, dad's slightly annoying photography paid off for some really cute pics!

She even found some money!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Check out my facebook page for more pictures from our new house. Peyton loves it! She keeps asking me to show her where things are, I don't think she is used to so much space! Her favorite things to do are play the computer (uptoten, Star Fall, PBS Kids, and Playhouse Disney), and take a shower in our big walk-in...with the door open, of course! We have gotten a lot accomplished this weekend but still have a long ways to go.

Friday, February 12, 2010

We're back....

I have been having major mommy guilt for not posting on Peyton's blog! Our computer is super slow so it is a huge ordeal to upload pictures, but I just figured, what the heck- I can update without pictures! So here we go....
Today they are predicting a couple of inches of snow in the area. If this does happen, it is definintely going to add to Peyton's false sense of reality that Georgia gets a good solid snowfall on an annual basis. Last year we had over six inches and the county nearly shut down. Little does she know it is not the norm.
We are set to move into our new house next week and I am super excited!!! Although I feel it is loonng overdue, I have to remember that God's timing is perfect and he knows A LOT more than I do about what is best for me- I am just grateful a bigger place was in his plan! Peyton was a little aprehensive about the move at first- I don't think she understood that we would take her stuff there- and afterall, it didn't matter to her that there was no dishwasher, laundry room, and only one bathroom! Maybe I should take a lesson in contentment from her! Yesterday was the most excited I have seen her at the new house. We stopped by to see the carpet that they were putting in and she was running around like crazy, rolling on the carpet, and wanting to play hide and seek. Her favorite places to hide were in the shower and kitchen cabinets! She seems to have forgiven us for painting her bedroom pink and not rainbow and not buying a Spiderman comforter.
Today was a holiday for me (which turned out to be good time given the threat of snow) and so Peyton and I are enjoying a great day together. First thing this morning she listed out the things she wanted to do- play in her room, play some wii, play some computer, play in the snow, and get her toenails painted. I was glad to see that she was as excited about a day off as I was!
Hopefully I'll post some pictures soon- until then, Happy Snow Day!